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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hurry! Here's your chance to support a brand new comic book

Artist/writer Rachael Smith has created several popular graphic novels such as House Party and Stand in your Power, and now her latest project is on Kickstarter. 

Entitled Flimsy's Mewsings it's a 40 page full colour softcover featuring Rachael's first character Flimsy in new strips about "life advice, thoughts, dreams, and wine". An uplifting book for all ages. 

There's only 14 days to go until the Kickstarter ends so if you think it'll appeal to you, give it your support so it can reach its target and be published, - and you get a free enamel pin with every pre-order :
One of my favourite comics creators of modern comics, Rachael Smith's books are always worth reading so I hope it'll hit its target. Here are a few sample pages from Flimsy's Mewsings... 


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