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Friday, November 01, 2019

Out now! Classic collection of Beano and Dandy covers!

You may remember that back in 2013, the company Phil Comics published an officially licensed book of Dandy and Beano Christmas covers? Well, now they've issued a companion book and it's equally as amazing as the first, - and has 100 more pages!

Beano and The Dandy - Classic Comic Covers 1937 to 1988 showcases a great selection of vintage covers scanned from the actual comics. Themes such as Easter, fireworks, the Coronation, Christmas, and more are represented with excellent reproduction. Truly a great book for all ages this Christmas! 
Here's the press release from Phil-Comics with details of how to buy a copy...

Hold the front page!
‘Beano and The Dandy – Classic Comic Covers 1937-1988’

We’re over the moon to say that after many months of hard work our brand new book has just been published!

Following the popularity of our first book in 2013, which reprinted the classic Christmas covers of the two comics from 1937-1969, this book celebrates some of the very best front covers of our two favourite British comics from 1937 to 1988, their first fifty years.
We have searched high and low in our own collection, browsed through our auction results archive and spent several months tracking down some elusive issues to showcase in the book. We’re indebted to a variety of very good people who assisted with its production, not least a handful of collectors who diligently scanned many covers of elusive comics from their collections.
The eighty Beano covers and eighty covers of The Dandy chosen are some of the most iconic and attractive front covers, made up of firework, Easter, new year, Christmas, landmark issues, birthday numbers, free gift editions and some that just tickled our fancy. There’s a four page introduction and the added bonus of four previously unseen pages of original front cover artwork, provided by the archivists at DC Thomson & Co., Ltd.
The book is hardback with a matt laminated dustjacket and 176 full colour matt pages, so it is very much a coffee table book and collectors’ item. Collectors who own a copy of our first book will be pleased to hear that this latest edition has 100 more pages and is nearly an inch thick.
It's available to buy either direct from us or at the following eBay link:

Please share this post, tell your collector friends and indeed anyone who may have read the comic growing up - it'll make a marvellous Christmas present!



Karen said...

I’d like to buy a copy of this for the Columbia University library, but our acquisitions department isn’t allowed to buy from eBay. Your post says the book is also available direct from you, but I’m not finding a link. What am I missing?

Lew Stringer said...

Sorry for the confusion. The book isn't available to buy from me. I just cut and pasted the press release. The eBay link is the only one they supplied.

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Karen, Phil says that if you e-mail him at he'll be able to let you know how to order it from him without going through eBay. Hope that helps.

Karen said...

Fantastic--thank you!!

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