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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Power Packed Prints!

Apologies for the flash reflection. It's not on the actual print of course.
My thanks to Irmantas Povilaika for sending me these superb A4 prints, scanned from Ken Reid's original artwork! And copies of them could be yours too! As I explained on my blog the other week, they're part of a new Christmas incentive for new buyers of The Power Pack of Ken Reid books, which reprint all of Ken's 1960s work for Odhams. 

Buy volume 1 and you'll get the Frankie Stein prints, scanned from Ken's original art for Wham!
Photograph of part of the print.
Buy volume 2 and you'll get the Dare-A-Day Davy prints scanned from Ken's original art for Pow! 
Photograph of part of the print.
Buy both books and you'll get the Frankie and Davy prints plus two extra prints which show enlarged versions of the panels where Ken Reid caricatured himself and writer Walter Thorburn...
Who can resist? You need these books! Zip along to Irmantas' shop now and place your order:

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