Friday, July 12, 2019

ICE postponed!

I've just heard tonight that this year's ICE2019 (International Comic Expo) which was set to take place on August 31st has been cancelled... or rather postponed... until 2020. 

A shame, as ICE is one of my favourite conventions, but hopefully I'll see you there when it returns in September 2020! 

Here's the full explanation that appeared as an announcement on Facebook, from event organiser Shane Chebsey...

Due to health reasons of the Director ICE BIRMINGHAM 2019 is being postponed until 19th September 2020.
The venue has not changed and all tickets and tables purchased for the old date will be valid for the new date.
All exhibitors and advanced ticket holders have been contacted via email already.
Please do not purchase any more tickets however until the new dates are published on the website.
New tickets and tables going live again will be announced here soon along with some exciting new guest announcements.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope that the long notice period will ensure everyone can join us on 19th September 2020 for what promises to be an amazing event.
Thank you to everyone for their continued support of the convention. We can't make it happen without you and thank you to our wonderful new venue for being so understanding.

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