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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Fantastic news! The Complete JOHNNY FUTURE is coming in 2020!

It's up for pre-order on Amazon now so I guess it's OK to finally reveal that next year Rebellion will be collecting the complete Missing Link / Johnny Future stories into one volume! The Complete Johnny Future is set for an April 2020 release. Britain's swinging Sixties superhero is back in print!

Written by Alf Wallace and drawn by Luis Bermejo, the strip ran in Fantastic weekly in 1967, - the only originated strip in a comic otherwise dominated by Marvel reprint.

Beginning as a Hulk-like creature, the character's strip was titled The Missing Link for the first few months until exposure to radiation evolved the primitive being into a highly advanced human. The strip then changed its title to Johnny Future, and the lead character embarked on a career as a costumed superhero, fighting bizarre villains.

If that all sounds a bit strange, it was, and the quirky, unpredictable nature of those strips published by Odhams is what made them appealing. The artwork by Luis Bermejo is stunning, and the strip became a firm favourite of those of us who read it back then (including Alan Moore). I know for a fact that the news of this collection will be warmly received by many, and I'm sure the book will delight new readers too.

Bear in mind that the cover shown here may be subject to change before publication. Amazon tend to want covers well in advance and changes often occur in the final design, so it might look a bit different by next April! 

You can pre-order the book from Amazon here:

I'll post more news about the book when Rebellion issue the official press release. For now, here's a few pages I scanned from my own Fantastic collection...


Peter Valenta said...

Hi Lew,
Thanks for the heads-up on this brilliant news!
I’m very curious about what happened to Alfred Wallace a.k.a. “Alf”. I wonder if he could still be around, albeit rather senior! There’s only very limited info on the Web about him. I know Bob Bartholomew “Bart” died a few years back. Don’t know about Albert Cosser “Cos” either. These guys were my childhood heros! What happened to them after Power Comics? Nobody seems to know! Please please keep this blog going, even if just occasionally, it’s a godsend and lifeline to us classic British comics fans, especially “The Power Pack”
Thanks again!
Peter Valenta

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Peter, I'm not sure. I heard that Alf helped Marvel with their early Mighty World of Marvel comics (presumably because he understood the UK market for superheroes) but I don't know what happened after that. It's a shame that the history of British comics is so undocumented.

Stevie.H said...

I have never heard of this. Thanks for post , I will check it out

Stevie.H said...

I have never heard of this. Thanks for post , I will check it out

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