Tuesday, July 09, 2019

New COMMANDO comics out this week

Latest dispatch from Commando HQ....

5243: Home of Heroes: Burma Nightmare

For ‘Burma Nightmare’, writer Ferg Handley was inspired by the real experiences of soldiers fighting in the East, whose reactions to Atabrine, the anti-malaria tablets, were interesting to say the least! Sergeant Vince Roberts’ initial reaction to the drugs was to throw them into the sea, but he soon learns he’ll need them and his guts to survive the dangerous jungles of Burma. 

| Story | Ferg Handley | Art | Morhain & Defeo | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

5244: Gold Collection: Betrayed! 

‘Betrayed!’ is a classic Commando tale about bravery and revenge — two emotions which Barry Brook knows too well! Especially after he joins the French Resistance only to find a power-hungry Frenchman who decides if he can’t be leader then no-one can! With stunning interiors by Lomas topped off with a fiery cover from Picco — this Is a Gold issue that if you miss — you’ll have Betrayed yourself!

| Story | Franch | Art | Lomas | Cover | Picco |
Originally Commando No. 800 (1973).

5245: Action and Adventure: Edge of the Sky

Commando is very excited to introduce New York Times Best Selling Author James Swallow to the ranks of its writers! Tackling a MiG-31 and SR-71 Blackbird sparring on the very outer limit of the Earth’s atmosphere is sure to thrill our readers! What’s more, Swallow’s good friend and artist, Neil Roberts’ cover adds a touch of outer space wonder to this Cold War story which is somewhat reminiscent of another DC Thomson title — Starblazer anyone?  

| Story | James Swallow | Art | Paolo Ongaro | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5246: Silver Collection: Know Your Enemies

You may know and love Janek Matysiak’s art from his Commando covers, but this Silver issue has the recognisable artist on interiors! Before the war, CG Walker’s pilot protagonist, Dick Marsh was chummy with a German family — but, after the war, can they remain pals or will their friendship go up in flames?

| Story | CG Walker | Art | Janek Matysiak | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 2838 (1995).

For future previews of Commando comics, check out the Down the Tubes blog every fortnight! 

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