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Wednesday, July 24, 2019


No, you don't get a free knife. I added that for effect.
If, like, me, you're sometimes dismayed at the current shortage of quality independent humour comics in the UK then this one is for you! Who Killed Round Robin? is published by Red and Black Comics Ltd and (I think) is their first release. 

The story originally appeared digitally throughout 2008 on the Who Killed Round Robin weblog. The project involved seven different comics creators taking their turns to contribute a panel to an ongoing narrative... a murder mystery... with none of them knowing where the story would be heading, except that the murder had to be solved by the end of the year! 
A fascinatingly anarchic idea that could have easily gone badly wrong, but the talent involved ensured that it didn't. Sure, the story goes off at tangents, and is wonderfully surreal at times, but everything is of a top class professional standard. There simply isn't a bad panel in the book. 
Written and drawn by Craig Conlan, Ian Culbard, D'Israeli, Colin Fawcett, Nigel Parkinson, Woodrow Phoenix, and Dave Taylor, Who Killed Round Robin is full of twists and turns and is genuinely funny. What else could you ask for? 
With 52 full colour pages packed with top quality art, Who Killed Round Robin? is available from eBay at this link:

You'll also be able to buy the book directly from Nigel Parkinson at the conventions he's at... and coincidentally he's a guest at the London Film and Comic Con at Olympia this very weekend, (Table 29, next to me, upstairs in the Comic Zone next to the lift) so grab a copy there!

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