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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kid Cops of the 1930s!

Artwork by John L. Jukes, 1933
 Kid Cops, currently on its third series in The Dandy, was a concept offered to me by the Dandy editorial team for the comic's relaunch in 2010. I designed the characters and I write and draw the strips. So imagine my surprise when I was recently looking through copies of The Funny Wonder from the 1930s that I bought on eBay to discover a strip coincidentally entitled Ben and Bert, The Kid Cops!

The premise is similar to the modern day strip, with the Kid Cops patrolling the neighbourhood to fight injustice. Although The Dandy version is more about them thwarting over-the-top health and safety rules rather than tackling local bullies or crooks. Also, the Funny Wonder Kid Cops appear to actually be on the police force, rather than independently policing the streets as the Dandy ones do, and they look more like the size of young teenagers than The Dandy's Kid Cops who are small children. 

From The Funny Wonder, 1934

There's one similarity though. Ben and Bert wear a police helmet and cap, as Sgt.Nick and Officer Bobby of my version do, but that's an obvious visual to use. Initially, when I was designing Nick and Bobby I considered putting them in police uniforms that were too big for them, but thought better of it. I'm glad I didn't now, otherwise the coincidental similarities with the 1930s characters would have been too great.

Published in 1935
According to Denis Gifford's Encyclopedia of Comic Characters, Bill and Bert, The Kid Cops ran in The Funny Wonder from 1932 to 1940 and was drawn by John L. Jukes (the same superb artist who drew Alfie the Air Tramp which I've shown on earlier postings). 

From The Funny Wonder, May 22nd 1937
To read the latest fun-venture of the modern Kid Cops pick up a copy of The Dandy, out today. The latest issue comes bagged with a few gifts and also features the start of a brand new Jamie Smart series Mega-Lo Maniacs! See his blog for more details!

Header for this week's Kid Cops in The Dandy

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George Shiers said...

A few months before the Dandy Relaunch, I drew a dozen or so comic strips on a character I came up with called 'Kid Cop'!

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