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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: CLiNT No.15

CLiNT 15 - in yer shops and in yer face this week

CLiNT No.15 is in the shops today with 100 full colour pages for £4.25, which buys you a ton of good stuff.  After 15 issues over a period of 18 months, Kick Ass 2 comes to a violent and bloody close with a mammoth 34 page final chapter. Yes, 34 pages of goodness from artists John Romita Jr and Tom Palmer (not forgetting Dean White's powerful colouring) from a script with attitude by Mark Millar. 

The heroes and villains square off against each other and the results are compelling reading with a few unexpected twists. What might be a serious gore fest in lesser hands is balanced out with enough black comedy moments here to tip you the wink that the creators are having fun, and so should you.

Okay, this isn't one of the comedy moments.
 It's also the end for Superior, as Mark Millar and Lenil Yu's high voltage tale of superheroes and souls reaches its closure. A refreshingly uplifting conclusion too, especially for those of us expecting something bleaker. 

No Rex Royd this issue again, and apparently there'll be a double dose next time. What we do get though are 26 pages of Graveyard of Empires, continuing the saga of marines vs zombies during a tour of duty in Afghanistan. This is my least favourite strip, mainly because I read comics for escapism and I feel the war in Afghanistan has horrors enough without adding fantasy to it, but the strip is well told by Mark Sable, the art by Paul Azaceta is smart, and this is basically good comics.

Art by Paul Azacta from Graveyard of Empires
 There's also an exclusive prologue to Super Crooks, the new series from Mark Millar and Leinil Yu which begins properly next issue, a preview of Brian Hitch's artwork for America's Got Powers (a new Jonathan Ross comic coming soon), and a taster of what to expect from the upcoming Kapow! Comic Convention (lots of good looking 20 something women in superhero outfits apparently, judging by the photos). If I was 30 years younger I'd buy a ticket on that impulse alone.

At the back of the issue there's an ad for the relaunch of the comic in May as CLiNT gets a new design, new logo, new strips, and a new number one. Much as some fans hate it when comics are renumbered, sadly it's sometimes a necessary method to get chain stores to sit up and take notice and order more copies. For example, my local WH Smith stopped taking CLiNT months ago, but hopefully the relaunch will encourage it and many other stores to give it another go.

Dummy cover for CLiNT 2.1

CLiNT No.15 is in shops now. 100 pages for £4.25. 
CLiNT 2.1 will be out on May 10th. 


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