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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bristol Comic Expo this weekend

I'm afraid that due to work commitments I'm now unable to attend the Bristol Comic Expo this weekend (12th/13th May). I've taken on a bit of extra work recently on a top secret new comic that was just too good to turn down (more news on that in a week or two) so have had to reschedule my other strips.

So...I'll be at the drawing board this weekend but for those of you who are attending the Expo it's shaping up to be a great show! There are tons of excellent guests from the world of comics and the atmosphere at the Bristol Expos is always friendly and informal. The venue for the exhibitors (artists, new comics, old comics, small press, graphic novels and more) is literally next door to the railway station at Bristol Temple Meads (see the pic above) whilst the venue for the panel discussions and signings is at the Ramada hotel, just a few minutes walk up the road (see picture below).

Take a look at the website for the full details of panels, signings, guests, exhibitors, ticket prices etc at

My apologies for not being able to attend but hopefully I'll see you at another show sometime in the future!

Images from the official Bristol Comic Expo website


Peter Gray said...

Good news your new comic work..look forward to more it for children..or adult comic?

Lew Stringer said...

I really can't reveal anything about it yet Peter. Gentleman's agreement and all that. I should have more news to publish in about 12 days or so hopefully.

Mike said...

I'll pessimistically predict Lew is doing a one-page inside-back-cover gag strip for a publication that is to be sold only in comic shops and will otherwise entirely consist of reprinted overseas material.

And optimistically hope somebody's started a similarly-styled Phoenix rival and he's drawing a two-page comedy strip in it.

Lew Stringer said...

Wrong on both guesses I'm afraid Mike. Can't say any more just yet.

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