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Sunday, May 27, 2012

CLiNT relaunches with new No.1

 Published in time for the Kapow! Comic Convention last weekend, and now available in newsagents, the new issue CLiNT sees the adults-only comic reboot with a new issue one. (Technically it's issue 2.1 but there's no escaping the huge #1 on the cover.) 

Presumably the main reasons for such a relaunch are to attract new readers and also to encourage shops to stock more copies. Sadly, my local newsagents don't seem to have taken that on board and have only stocked the same quantities as before (ie: one copy in my corner shop, - and it's shelved between The Beano and some pre-school mag). I only hope the situation is better elsewhere. 

If you haven't bought CLiNT before, or are a lapsed reader, this is indeed an excellent jumping on point. 100 pages for £4.25, packed with comics and related features. The recent first U.S. issues of The Secret Service and Super Crooks are reprinted in full (comics that individually would cost you about £2.50) plus 11 exclusive pages of Rex Royd, and 11 pages of new series Death Sentence. There's also a very insightful interview with Mark Millar, who comes across as someone with his head screwed on right, an item on the 20th anniversary of Roman Dirge's Lenore, and a bizarre feature about some real-life masked vigilante who's running around London rooftops, calling himself Clint after claiming to being inspired by the comic. He says. Although the fact that thousands of CLiNT readers don't turn to using parkour and nightsticks would suggest there's a few other things that triggered him off there. It'll end in tears.

The next issue of CLiNT won't be out until July 5th. I can't help thinking that a six-week frequency isn't going to do continued stories any favours, but I appreciate that a longer shelf-life might sell more copies. It's up to you though folks. The more of you who buy CLiNT, the more likely it is to go back to monthly status.  

CLiNT No.2.1 (or #1 if you prefer, or No.16 if you're counting) is available now from comic specialist shops and newsagents, or you can subscribe at:

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