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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chronos Commandos are coming!

At the Kapow! Comic Con last Saturday, I met artist Stuart Jennett who gave me a  flyer promoting a brand new originated British comic that's coming our way this autumn. Chronos Commandos is its title and from the sample pages Stuart showed me on his iPad it's definitely one not to miss! 

Stuart used to be a comic artist for Marvel UK back in the good old days and has since worked as a concept designer in the computer games industry. He's now the co-founder of his own company, Alien Apple Studios Ltd, who will be publishing this new comic book series. 

This really is top class artwork with a story that involves Nazis, dinosaurs (yes, that combination again!), time travel and Albert Einstein kicking ass. Yes, all great escapist fun!

To gaze upon Stuart's magnificent artwork and to keep up with developments visit and


Togher Historical Association said...

Hints of Timequake and Jane At War going off the flyer? Sounds brilliant :-)


The Cap.

Lew Stringer said...

The girl in her undies is a painting on the side of one of the planes, as they did inWW2. The concept reminded me of The War that Time Forgot but it'll have its own take on it. Looks fantastic.

Andy said...

So annoyed that I managed to miss so much at Kapow. Sat doodling at our table all weekend apart from very quick runarounds, when I obviously stumbled about in a sleepy manner without actually looking. :( I need a Morlock Siren where everyone suddenly walks outside in a daze for about an hour so I can wander about. :) Friend just managed to pick up 2 books from Selfmadehero as they were packing up on Sunday. Chronos Commando's looks fab though so shall be adding to my list of things to buy.

Stu Jennett said...

Cheers for the interest in Chronos Commandos guys and thanks for posting the flyer :) Hell bent on getting this finihsed , just never enough hours in the day , keep em peeled.


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