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Monday, August 20, 2012

Charlie Brooker on The Dandy

My original art to this week's final Dark Newt story
It feels like there's been more written about The Dandy over the past week than there ever has been in its 75 year history, and the commentary shows no sign of stopping yet. This weekend saw DC Thomson's Sunday Post report an optimistic piece on the comic's digital future (but still not revealing any details), whilst The Independent on Sunday went all misty eyed because they think the end of the printed Dandy will mean the end of free gifts in comics. (Have they even looked in a newsagents over the past ten years? That mound of magenta and dayglo green polythene with its plastic innards, - that's the comics section.) The Dandy, incidentally, hasn't had a free gift since Christmas.

Now writer, journalist, broadcaster, ex-Oink artist and "that jammy b*gger who's married to Konnie Huq" Charlie Brooker has posted his thoughts about the demise of the print version of The Dandy. Enjoy:

His comments about certain commentators being stuck in the past are valid (and very amusing). We should be looking forward to a digital Dandy, assuming it's continuing as a digital comic and not some online game/joke source. Still, even if that happens we'll just have to roll with the times. Life isn't static, so why should comics be an exception?


Craig Grannell said...

From what I'm hearing, Brooker's seeming love for Oink would be met by current Dandy output, which is quite anarchic. As for digital-only, perhaps that is the future. But what I'm hearing from parents is kids still like their comics, and the Dandy's kill-or-cure quickfire format shifts over the past few years have turned a bunch off.

Perhaps things will work better online, but I fear it's more likely that this will feed nostalgic adults with spare time and iPads rather than children, and commissioning (or the lack thereof) will be targeted accordingly. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Mayans were right!
They said the world would end December 2012!
The 13th Baktun will end in December 2012 was the prediction!!!
This is the apocalypse everyone has been talking about; the end of the Dandy!

Mike Morris said...

You'll notice that Charlie at least mentions the contributors whose income will be threatened. I laughed very hard at his characterization of the typical old Dandy punchline.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I'm pleased he mentioned that.

Incidentally, I've just received an anonymous comment that was abusive about Mr.Brooker. Good to know his comments got under a troll's skin. Ha!

Robert said...

Very interesting to read about Charlie's escapades with Oink, a comic I loved in the 80s, though I can't actually remember any of the characters he said he did (sadly).

James Spiring said...

Loved the ending on Newt - nice to see the continuity with Kid Cops.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks James. Yes, I thought it'd be good to establish that The Dark Newt was part of the same universe.

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