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Friday, August 31, 2012

Commando Nos. 4527 to 4530

The latest four Commando comics, - out now! Thanks to Scott Montgomery at D.C. Thomson for providing the info. 

Commando No 4527 – The Leopard Commander

 It sounded almost cute and cuddly, an Italian commander named for a big cat. But his British adversaries in East African were under no illusions, they knew that, like his namesake, he was fast, agile…and deadly!

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Keith Page
Cover: Keith Page


Commando No 4528 – The Doomed Legionnaires

Men from all over the world, men with secret shameful pasts, men who had no place in their home countries. Here they were, gathered together to fight an implacable enemy, for a flag that was not their own.
   And because they were foreigners, they had been handed a suicide mission. They were indeed

The Doomed Legionnaires

Story: Steve Coombs
Art: Benet
Cover: Benet

Commando No 4529 – Take No Prisoners!

Ten British prisoners lay dead — shot down in cold blood. And there were no witnesses to the terrible crime.
   The only clue to the killers lay there in the blood-stained dust — a German helmet bearing a skull and crossbones emblem…an emblem which from that day on was to be a death warrant to every Nazi who wore it.


Ask most people about Commando and they’ll tell you about nasty Nazis and clean-cut fair-playing British. Yet this story from 1962 shows that those assumptions, like all generalisations, don’t stand up to scrutiny. Sure there are nasty Nazis but after that things become a bit more hazy and there’s a moral ambivalence amongst the British.
   But don’t let that put you off! As ever, Eric Hebden crafts a great story behind Ken Barr’s intimidating cover, and Casarubio’s strong and confident black linework complements the atmosphere very well.
   All in all, this commando takes no prisoners. Sorry.

Calum Laird, Editor

Take No Prisoners! originally Commando No 25 (June 1962)

Story: Eric Hebden
Art: Casarubio
Cover: Ken Barr

Commando No 4530 – The Deadly Deal

There are good deals, bad deals and deals like the one Jan de Groot made. He agreed that he would work as an agent in enemy-held territory where the slightest slip-up would lead to arrest, torture and probably death.
   It was going to take all his courage to keep

Our main character, tough-as-nails Dutchman Jan de Groot is a hot-headed hero, which also makes him a flawed hero — and this twisty-turny yarn is an excellent example of a Commando espionage story done well. It’s complemented by veteran interior illustrator Cecil Rigby’s artwork, which is chock full of icy black waters and moody nightscapes.

Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

The Deadly Deal, originally Commando No 2145 (December 1987)

Story: Allan Chalmers
Art: Cecil Rigby
Cover: Jeff Bevan


David J. said...

Hi Lew.

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Lew Stringer said...

Possibly some relation. It's not that common a name.

Anyone out there know for sure?

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