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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dare you enter the Chamber of Chills?

As most collectors know, the horror comics of the 1950s caused such moral outrage from soft vicars and parents who'd forgotten what it was like to be a child that they led to book burnings and the genre being neutered. So extreme was the witch hunt that it even became illegal to use the words "horror" or "terror" as part of a comic title in the UK. (The law still stands today, although I don't think it's ever been enforced.) 

In recent months, British publisher PS Publishing has unleashed a line of beautifully produced limited edition hardback books reprinting the classic American horror comics originally published by Harvey Comics in the early 1950s. Each book collects 5 to 7 issues, including all stories, covers and advertisements to give the reader a perfect view of what those comics were like. 

The latest book, Chamber of Chills Volume 3, will be out later this month. Here's the info direct from the publisher....

Harvey Horrors originally published 26 issues of the Chamber Of Chills in the 1950’s. Now for the first time they have been collected together in this exclusive 4 volume set. Each volume contains between 6 – 7 complete issues reprinted for the very first time as a complete collection.

About Chamber Of Chills - Volume Three...
Due to be published August 2012, Volume Three carries on our journey... Featuring a special introduction and a specially commissioned self portrait of British illustrator Les Edwards. Not forgetting the original comics painstakingly restored from original source material! Issues included in this Volume are Issues 14 - 19 from November - September 1953.

Now available for pre-order!
Limited to just 2000 copies and split across three editions, this book is available to order through either or

26 lettered leatherbound gold foiled traycased deluxe copies exclusively signed by Les Edwards who painted an specially commissioned self portrait which is included as a limited edition print. As an added extra you will also receive a copy of the slipcase edition as part of the package at no extra cost!

300 slipcased copies in full colour slipcase signed by Les Edwards.

1674 bookshop copies available.


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