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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tom Thug! Pete's Pimple! Batman! and more on eBay

I'm selling a few more of my original art pages on eBay this week. There's a Tom Thug page from Oink!, a pre-Christmas full colour Tom Thug from Buster (see image above), a Pete and his Pimple page from Oink!, and a Norman the Doorman page from Viz No.100! All signed by me, and I'll add a dedication to the buyer if requested, at no extra charge obviously. 

There's also a genuine original Batman page from a 1975 issue of Detective Comics. Not by me of course, but by Ernie Chan and Mike Royer. I bought it many years ago and it's been carefully stored away until now.

Bidding ends this coming Sunday, 12th August. All bids appreciated. Click here to be taken to my eBay page.

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