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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Hunt Emerson Collection on the iPad

Years ago, when I was chatting to Bob Paynter, Group Editor of the IPC humour comics during one of my visits to Kings Reach Tower, he referred to Hunt Emerson as "King of the underground". Bob was of course referring to Hunt's impressive contributions to underground comix, not suggesting he held any position of power in Hades or the London rail network.

Now you can see for yourself the range and high quality of Hunt's artwork in a fantastic 200 page collection of some of his finest and funniest pages, published as a new digital app on iTunes. Whether you're a long-time fan of Hunt's strips or only familiar with his pages for The Beano, this anthology of the artist's unique artwork is an essential purchase. Here's the Press Release with all the details...

TOKYO October 8th, 2012 

Panel Nine, the digital graphic novel publisher, have released The Certified Hunt Emerson,  a deluxe digital anthology with over 200 pages of the finest cartoons and comics from a mind The Comics Journal has described as working "on a level untouched by most humans" and which Paul Gravett's 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die described as "Britain's greatest underground cartoonist. Profane comic genius."
Amongst the 27 different strips in the collection are his collaboration with Alan Moore on a less-than -reverent version of Leviticus, his take on Gilbert Shelton's Freak Brothers, adventures of frisky felines Firkin, Calculus and Puss Puss, Alan the Rabbit and much, much more.The comprehensive set of extras includes audio commentaries and introductions to the strips by Hunt, a stunning cover gallery spanning over 3 decades, a gallery of self-portraits, a special section of astounding illustrations that have rarely or never been seen, and an exclusive interview with the artist for this collection that includes embarrassing photos of Hunt and comics creators such as Bryan Talbot and Robert Crumb.

Priced at only $9.99 / £6.99, the collection is, the publisher believes, a mind-warpingly attractive bargain.

• Specially-designed Panel Mode where you can double-tap on comics pages to zoom in and swipe from panel to panel
• Audio commentary synchronized with selected pages, recorded by Hunt Emerson exclusively for this app

• Beautiful high-quality digital images, with a specially-designed user interface that gives you fast, smooth swiping from page to page and flawless pixel-per-second movement

• Visual contents and bookmarks that let you view thumbnails of all pages and navigate quickly and easily

• High-resolution JPEGs and PDFs to enable users to zoom in to panels at up to three times the original size without loss of resolution

• Introductory notes to each comic strip written by the artist


TwoHeadedBoy said...

If this was released as a BOOK, I'd've already bought it!

As it is, I'll have to carry on yearning for a Hunt Emerson collection. I'm not about to spend £300+ for the "tool" required to read this one.

Anonymous said...

is 'dogman' included - my paper copy is so 'yesterday'

Anonymous said...

is 'dogman' included - my paper copy is so 'yesterday'

Anonymous said...

is 'Dogman' included - my paper copy is so 'yesterday'

Anonymous said...

is 'Dogman' included - my paper copy is so yesterday

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