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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Zaucer of Zilk goes Stateside

Those of you who may have missed The Zaucer of Zilk when it was recently serialised in 2000AD have a chance to catch it again with US publisher IDW's two-issue mini-series collecting the tale. Issue 1 came out last week. 

What's it about? "Don't ask. Just buy!" as Jack Kirby once said of his own work. To explain The Zaucer of Zilk would dilute the experience. If I tell you that Brendan McCarthy and Al Ewing are the creators you'll know it's going to be worth your time. Psychedelic, timeless, Yellow Submariney, Alicey Wonderlandy, Wizard of Ozzy... you get the point. Magically daft fun.

Yes, Brendan McCarthy! Back in comics again and doing great work as ever, coupled with the writing talents of Al Ewing! You can't go wrong.  

The Zaucer of Zilk No.1 is out now in the USA and in UK comic shops. Issue 2 will be out soon, and here's a preview of the cover...

Publisher IDW will also be doing another 2000AD character soon, as Judge Dredd gets his own American comic with all-new material. In fact, IDW are doing some great comics these days including Mars Attacks (with artwork by John McCrea), Transformers Regeneration One (a sequel to the Marvel UK comic, by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman), Popeye (new stories written by Roger Langridge), Classic Popeye (reprinting complete 1940s Bud Sagendorf issues), Haunted Horror (Craig Yoe's collection of pre-code horror comics), Doctor Who and many more. 


Dr Andy Oliver said...

I have mixed feelings about this. Overall I didnt care for the storyline but the artwork was fantastic and the use of colour is quite frankly amazing. Hopefully the Zaucer will return in later issues.

Barry said...

Loved this, real old school, barmy 2000ad, I could see Mighty Boosh doing a TV show of it. Glad it's getting more exposure.

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