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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Return of Thrud the Barbarian

Hopefully you all saw the latest edition of Aces Weekly last Sunday, in which case you'll already know that Carl Critchlow's Thrud the Barbarian made a welcome return. 

Inspired by Robert E. Howard's Conan character, Thrud the Barbarian was created initially as a parody of the pulp hero way back in 1981 and published in Paul Duncan's fanzine Arken Sword. Later, Carl submitted the strip to the Games Workshop magazine White Dwarf and it was eagerly accepted. A new series of single page Thrud strips ran in the magazine for five years. 

Carl later launched his own Thrud the Barbarian full colour comic book, which ran to five issues. (Excellent work, and worth looking out for.) You may also be familiar with Carl's work as artist of Lobster Random for 2000AD

Thrud returned for an all-new three page complete story in Aces Weekly No.3 which was published last weekend. As regular readers of this blog will know, Aces Weekly is an exclusively online comic featuring brand creator-owned new strips from David Lloyd, John McCrea, David Hitchcock and many more. The comic features five ongoing serials and one rotating humour spot. The first issue saw my Combat Colin character return, issue 3 spotlighted Thrud the Barbarian, and David Leach's Psycho Gran is making a comeback any time now. 

Subscribing to Aces Weekly is simple and reasonably priced. Visit for more details.    

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