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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Dandy - Still standing

I understand that some people were under the impression that The Dandy had already been canceled. Not yet! The comic is still being published every Wednesday with its usual 36 full colour pages for £1.99. (Yes, it's still one of the cheapest comics you can buy!)

As The Dandy heads towards its fate on December 4th we can content ourselves with the fact that there are still a few issues left to go yet before that last issue. The contents may now feature several pages of reprint, but there are still a healthy dose of fine and funny new pages. Classic character Corporal Clott returned a few weeks ago, now drawn by Nigel Aucherlounie. Good stuff!

Another worthy page is Alexander Matthews' Nuke Noodle, back for another series of time-traveling daftness. Who could fail to be amused by this...

Then there's Bully Beef and Chips by Wayne Thompson, Desperate Dan and My Dad's A Doofus by Jamie Smart, George vs Dragon by Andy Fanton, numerous mini-strips and a selection of classic material. 

Not all newsagents and supermarkets carry The Dandy now, and some of those that do tend to bury it deep within their all-too-small shelving space, but seek out these final few issues because you'll miss it when it's gone! 

1 comment:

Dr Andy Oliver said...

I certainly will. A great shame. I wont be moving on to the ipad edition as my kids prefer to have the actual comic in their hands and use the ipad for youtube (Thomas the Tank Engine in particular).

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