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Saturday, April 28, 2018

APOLLO lands soon!

A new graphic novel from London publisher Selfmadehero is arriving soon, and it sounds great!

Here's the PR....

SelfMadeHero are delighted to announce the UK release of APOLLO, the dramatic account of that one giant leap for mankind in 1969 when  man first set foot on the moon, from an all british team of creators. Renowned writers Matt Fitch and Chris Baker team up with prolific illustrator Mike Collins (Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Judge Dredd) to bring the story of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins’ momentous voyage to graphic novel form.

APOLLO is published in full-colour hardback on 7 June  (rrp £15.99) from SelfMadeHero. 

1969 saw one giant leap for mankind when the first man set foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins were the torchbearers for our collective aspirations. Backed by the brightest minds in engineering and science, the three boarded a rocket and flew through the void – just to prove that we could. 

An all-British creative team tells the story of this historic moment. Writers Matt Fitch and Chris Baker (Dead Canary Comics) have teamed up with artist Mike Collins, the prolific illustrator of characters including Batman, Judge Dredd and Doctor Who, to unpack the urban legends, the gossip and the speculation to reveal a remarkable true story about life, death, dreams and the reality of humanity’s greatest exploratory achievement. 

Supported by extensive research from books, official documents and recordings, Apollo offers an authentic and unique account of this historic event ahead of its 50th anniversary celebrations. 

About the creators: 

Mike Collins is a comic book artist based in Wales. He has worked for Marvel UK on comics including Spider-man and Transformers; for DC Comics on flagship titles such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, and for the UK’s celebrated weekly comic 2000AD on Judge Dredd, Slaine and Rogue Trooper, among others. 

Matt Fitch and Chris Baker are co-founders of Dead Canary Comics, a small press dedicated to comics and graphic novels. Together they are the authors to Reddin (with Conor Boyle) and The Fitzroy, a collection of stories featuring artwork by Krent Able, Charlie Hodgson, Will Ronson, Scott Cooper and Will Kirkby. 

SelfMadeHero publishes works that provoke, entertain, inspire and inform through the medium of the graphic novel. The company is proud to showcase ground-breaking and beautiful work by authors and artists from across the globe, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound. Releases for Spring 2018 include Jean-Pierre Filiu and David B.’s Best of Enemies, Vol 3; Andrzej Klimowski’s Poster Book; Reinhard Kleist’s Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: An Art Book; Jesús Carrasco and Javi Rey’s Out in the Open; John Harris Dunning & Michael Kennedy’s Tumult; and Martin Rowson’s The Communist Manifesto. 


Unknown said...

An incredible feat - the equivalent of the first fish crawling on to the sand. To have it happen in our lifetime as well...

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I still remember watching it on TV. An amazing achievement, and a fantastic way to end a great decade!

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