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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

BBC to celebrate 50 years of UK comic cons

Mike Higgs, creator of The Cloak, tells me that The One Show will soon be running an item to celebrate 50 years of comic conventions in the UK. It might be even scheduled for tonight's programme, Wednesday 4th April, so check it out at 7pm, BBC One.

UPDATE: The item wasn't included in the 4th April show. Soon though, hopefully!

Mike was interviewed recently with Phil Clarke (who organised the first UK comic con back in 1968 in Birmingham) at the MCM Comic Con at the N.E.C. and although it's only likely to be a very short segment of The One Show it's still good to hear it's being covered on a prime time TV programme. No doubt the focus will be on cosplayers but hopefully there'll be some comics history in there too!

The late Steve Moore was also an organiser of that very first convention, and as he was on the staff at Odhams at the time he was able to get it plugged in the news pages of Smash!, Pow! and Fantastic. Mike Higgs was one of the guests.

...and while I'm at it, here's an example of The Cloak by Mike Higgs, from Pow! No.53, 20th January 1968. One of the most distinctive and enjoyable series in British comics...


mj said...

Ah Pow! The cloak! Splendid stuff. Thanks for that.

alanultron5 said...

I too loved the Cloak strip. I was devastated when it was terminated when `Smash` underwent its great `change` in March 1969. Thankfully, Sparky comic had begun running their similar `I.Spy` strip in Feb 1969 and I soon found that a fine replacement- but i'll always have fond memories of `The Cloak`

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