Sunday, October 28, 2018

Comic Scene No.3 out now

The third issue of Tony Foster's Comic Scene is out now and available to buy from some comic shops or directly from the publisher here:

This issue has a war comics theme, and includes articles on Fury, Commando, Rogue Trooper, Black Max and more. I'm not convinced theme issues are a good idea as I worry they might put off more readers than they attract, but this issue is also balanced with articles on Stan Lee's UK convention visits, independent comics, and the new Roy of the Rovers. 

Comic Scene is still a young magazine and still on a learning curve. For example, the previous issue's interview with the Beano's Emily McGorman-Bruce was illustrated with Nigel Parkinson's artwork, not Emily's. Other features were sadly lacking in comic art to illustrate their relevant points. However, things have noticeably improved with this issue, and I'm sure will continue to improve in the future.

Comic Scene is the only print magazine dedicated to UK comics, and as such deserves to be supported by every one of us who are interested in British comics past and present or who work in the industry. These days, when the media talk about comics they often mean American superhero comics. Even the recent HMV comics promo week was only promoting American material. British comics are in danger of being overlooked all the time, and the industry cannot afford to let that continue. It's refreshing to see Comic Scene trying to address this, and Tony Foster deserves our respect and support in his endeavours. Let's hope the magazine has a long run!

Comic Scene No.3, 72 full colour A4 pages, is available now, as are back issues and subscriptions:

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