Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Stand in your Power!

One of the good things about modern British comics is they're not just about superheroes, naughty schoolkids, or football. They cover a wide variety of subjects, just like any other medium. The books of Rachael Smith for example deal with human issues in an engaging, funny, emotional way, and the great news is she's working on a new book. 

Stand in Your Power is the title of Rachael's latest work. It's described as "a collection of auto bio comic strips that comic-creator extraordinaire Rachael Smith made after going through a breakup and attempting to get on with her new, single life. The comics deal with loneliness, figuring out who you are, moving on, dating, friendship, depression, love, and many other super-relatable things."

It's a sequel of sorts to her previous book, Wired Up Wrong. Although both work independently of each other, you'll get more out of it by reading both.

Rachael has a Kickstarter campaign for Stand in Your Power running right now, and you can find more out about it, and back it, at this link: 

I can't recommend Rachael's work highly enough. She's a terrific cartoonist and her stories are relatable and inspiring, - and with a good balance of humour. Comics worth supporting!

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