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Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Christmas PHOENIX (2018)

Back in the early 20th Century it was the norm for weekly comics to have a "Bumper double number" at Christmas with twice as many pages (or sometimes only 50% extra to be truthful). Over the years, the practice fell out of favour, although Dandy and Beano did it a few times several years ago, and of course 2000AD has its triple-sized issue every year. 

It's good then, to see The Phoenix bringing back the old tradition and one again having a double-sized Christmas edition. Combining its numbering (again, an old custom) The Phoenix No.364 / 365 has 64 pages of fun and thrills for £5.99 (actually less than two regular issues would normally cost). And it has snow on the logo too, so there you go.

There's plenty of festive cheer inside, with extra-length stories and features. Not every story has a Christmas theme, but that's ok. There's more than enough seasonal fun for everyone. Here's a few photos of what's on offer...
Art: Laura Ellen Anderson.

Art: Jamie Smart.

Art: Neill Cameron.

Art: James Turner.
The Phoenix is a British comic success story. An independent comic that challenged the norm, isn't related to a TV/movie franchise, and is never bagged with toys and tat. Its focus is firmly on stories, and it proudly promotes its contributors. You'll find copies in WH Smith in the children's comics section, or you can subscribe at their website:

Coming up next: A Christmas comic from the past!

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