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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The OTHER blog

Remember Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson from Monty Python's Flying Circus? Well I have two blogs, but I think it may have caused some confusion.

A few times this year I've had people say things like "Your blog only focuses on your own comics now" and it's puzzled me a bit. It's made me wonder if they've confused Blimey! with my other blog, not realising they're two separate things. I suppose if you're reading it on a phone, the mastheads might not be so noticeable at first glance, and the layouts of both blogs are similar.

My other blog, lewstringercomics, is indeed solely for news about my own comic strips, con appearances, etc. You'll find it here:

Meanwhile, Blimey! will continue to be about various UK comics past and present, but forgive me if I occasionally include my own stuff too. After all, it'd be odd to promote The Dandy Annual or Doctor Who Magazine for example if I didn't mention I was a contributor. Likewise, when I publish my own comics I want to reach as many people as possible, so plugging them on both blogs makes sense. 

Anyway, that explains that, so normal service will be resumed with the next post...

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