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Tuesday, December 04, 2018


As a follow-up to my review of Reverend Cross Nos.5 and 6 (see here) I should mention that Kult Creations also publish Captain Wylde that is also worth your time. I reviewed issue 1 last year, (here), and No.2 was published this summer. 

Captain Wylde is a supernatural "clock-punk" pirate story set in the 18th Century, with a female protagonist of colour. John A. Short is the writer, with Gabrielle Noble the artist. As with Reverend Cross, the stories move along at a brisk pace and are full of escapist action and entertainment. 

The Captain Wylde comics are in full colour throughout, which works really well. The plot for issue two is promoted as "Pirate Queen, Cinnamon Wylde, must seek out famed scientist, Isaac Newton, when her clockwork arm needs repairs. However an old enemy of Wylde and Newton is on their track and they find themselves targeted by assassin monk, Brother Bartram. Can Cinnamon defeat a man who has supernatural sword skills above a sea full of man-eating mermaids?"

There are lots of UK independent comics out there these days, and it can be difficult deciding which are worth supporting, but Captain Wylde and the other Kult Creations comics are good, lively adventures worth reading. 

You can order Captain Wylde comics from the official website here: 

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