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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DWM 486 preview

Doctor Who Magazine No.486 arrives in shops this Thursday (April 30th) and here's a few highlights from its 84 packed pages. 

The cover features seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy and two of the cast of the new Big Finish audio drama Damaged Goods, based on a Doctor Who novel by Russell T Davies from 1996. There's a nine page feature on the production inside.

Part two of the new twelfth Doctor comic strip Fire and Ice is in this issue, running to twelve pages. Jacqueline Rayner's script is engaging and intriguing, and it ties in nicely with a classic Who story from long, long ago. The artwork by Martin Geraghty and David Roach is excellent too. Can't wait for part three!

A few other features hearken to the early days too, with an article on the new book about Verity Lambert, plus an eight page interview with Carole Ann Ford and her recollections of press clippings of the 1960s. 

There's also the first part of the history of Doctor Who on home video, a tribute to the late designer Barry Newberry (who worked on many of the early Doctor Who serials), and a lengthy Fact of Fiction on the 1966 story The Highlanders.

Now that Panini are also publishing the junior title Doctor Who Adventures it's only right that DWM should run a feature on it and the comic's editor Jason Quinn gives us some background info plus a preview of issue 2. It's looking good, and I found myself agreeing with Jason's new direction for the revamped DWA. (Issue 1 is out now if you haven't already tried it.) 

All that plus much more, including another Daft Dimension strip by me. Don't miss your copy on Thursday, priced £4.99. 

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