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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer with Doctor Who

The Summer Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine will be published this Thursday (16th April) and this time the theme is The Art of Doctor Who.

I reported the news about this issue several months ago when it was still in the production stages with a different cover. I think the new cover looks far more eye-catching. Nice and bright for summer reading. 

Here's what the original solicitation details said about the mag:

"The latest Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine is devoted to the artists who have brought the television series' concepts to life in other mediums. New interviews and previously unseen artwork reveal the inspirations behind the annuals, the classic comics and the greatest book covers, from the early 1960s to the present day."

It will also bring the story up to date with articles on the digital work of concept illustrations for the latest episodes.

I'll give it a quick review here when I've seen it but I thought I'd give you the heads up now. The magazine will be on sale throughout the early summer months. 116 pages for £5.99. 


John Pitt said...

THIS is the one I've bee. waiting for!
Thanks for the reminder, Lew.
( Now,,off back to your sick bed with you! )

Lew Stringer said...

Sick bed awaits but have a deadline this week so need to get two pages of Team Toxic drawn and coloured by Friday!

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