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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Jump onto 2000AD

The latest issue of 2000AD (out today) is another perfect 'jumping on point' for new and lapsed readers. The 36 page issue features the start of five new stories with the welcome return of some old favorites. 

Judge Dredd fronts the comic as usual and a new adventure Enceladus begins by Rob Williams and Henry Flint.

Celtic barbarian Slaine is back by Pat Mills and Simon Davis.

Grey Area returns by Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison.

Orlok, Agent of East-Meg One returns for a second series by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch.

Johnny Alpha, Strontium Dog is back by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Each strip has a 'Series Update' to fill in new readers on the premise and backstory.

All this under an excellent cover by Brian Bolland! You can't go wrong. Rush out to your newsagent with your £2.45 and buy 2000AD Prog 1924 now, Earthlets!

You can also buy the digital edition if you prefer. More info at the 2000AD website:    


PhilEdBoyce said...

Absolutely superb issue and my second jumping on issue after I started collecting with Prog 1900. I'm currently reading a huge book called The Best of 2000AD which includes the first few opening chapters of classics such as Slaine and Strontium Dog so it's exciting to be reading new adventures with them. I was surprised upon starting the book that Savage (whose latest story concluded only last week) was right there in Prog 1 too! Such a rich history to get stuck into.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes there's been a lot of excellent material in 2000AD over the years Phil. One of the intersting things about Savage is that Pat Mills is now tying it into the same universe as his Ro-Busters / ABC Warriors strips and Nemesis the Warlock. Quite unusual for a UK comic to do that.

John Pitt said...

Well this is three-fifths of my perfect line-up. If it had Rogue and Nemesis instead of Grey Area and Orlok, that would be the ultimate prog for me! I don't think it has ever happened? Anyone know?

Lew Stringer said...

Not sure. I've been reading it since day one but I've only kept the first 200 issues. (I have the early Nemesis strips in book form though.)

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