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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Andy's back in the bookshops

Photo from Lawrence Goldsmith.
Just another quick plug for the new Andy Capp book that I mentioned months ago. It's now been published and is in bookshops. This is the 60th anniversary year for the Daily Mirror's work-shy character so it's good to see him back in a book of his own. 

Andy Capp: 60 Years of Thinking About the Big Issues is a collection of contemporary strips by Roger Mahoney, Lawrence Goldsmith, and Sean Garnett, and you can order a copy online now.


Manic Man said...

never a big fan of Andy Capp but through it was okay. I was going to say its odd that a "celebration" of 60 years just focuses on modern era, but that's pretty common ^_^ Hope it does okay though. I keep saying to people when I go through old newspapers, they are moaning that today they are a collapsing media, but instead of returning to past greats like comic strips, children's pages, serial book/story prints and in-depth articles, they just want to rush to the quickest scoop without fact checking and saying sorry in small print the next day.. sigh..

Unknown said...

I'm also a big fan of Andy Capp and have quite a few issues of Reveille, Weekend and Titbits for which he gag cartoons published prior to the appearance of Andy.

Steve Mitchell

Lew Stringer said...

Yep, they were the glory days of the gag cartoon, Steve! Sad that those times are no more.

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