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Friday, November 24, 2017

TV21 revival now available to purchase on its own

The one-off revival issue of TV21, previously only available as part of a Supermarionation box set produced by Network, is now available to buy separately from the Gerry Anderson Store.

TV21 No.243 is a faithful continuation of the first series of TV21, which ended with No.242 in September 1969. Basically a sort of alternate universe version of what might have happened if it hadn't become the merged TV21 and Joe 90.

It's the same size as the early issues of TV21, but with more pages (24 in all). Contents are all-new, featuring strips by John M. Burns, Gerry Embleton, Martin Asbury, Mike Collins, Jimmy Hansen, Brian Williamson, Antonio Barreti, Martin Baines, Mark Wheatley, Martin Cater, John Freeman, Shaqui LeVesconte, and me, plus art by Paul McCaffrey, and a cutaway by Graham Bleathman.

There's a 'Black Friday' discount today, so if you're quick you'll be able to get it slightly cheaper. Set course for this website:


Unknown said...

Got mine delivered today - that's fantastically fast as I only ordered it yesterday before lunch!!Very nostalgic. Great art and stories - wish there was a 'next weeks' issue. Fantastic coincidence, Lew - there is a 10 yr old boy with the same name as yours featured in the issue (ho, ho, ho)!

The Thunderbirds strip art by Martin Bains is really good. I also love the 1 pager 'The Secret Service' can they leave it on such a cliffhanger!!!

What a truly gorgeous thing this is, well worth the price.

Lew Stringer said...

It's a shame the free gift isn't included with this offer, because they comprised six more TV21 covers which had news stories giving insights into what happened next in the stories.

By the way, Andrew, there's no need to repeat postings of comments if they don't appear right away. My blog settings mean that comments don't appear until I log in to "approve" them (I get a lot of spam and sometimes comments from idiot trolls) and as I was away over the weekend it meant the comments didn't get passed until I got back. Sorry about that.

SID said...

Morning, Lew. I thought it was a brilliant issue. A pity that I was too young to appreciate TV21 when it came out in the sixties. Originally mainly bought the box set for the comic so too late to capitalise on this offer though I did like the postcard front covers.

Lew Stringer said...

Yeah, I had no idea it'd eventually be available separately. I had a complimentary copy of the comic (and the cards) so I didn't buy the box set. I think all of the stuff that came with it is available on its own now, except for the cards. I bought the Supermarionation book last year.

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