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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Incoming COMMANDO comics this Thursday...

Thanks to D.C. Thomson for the info and images...

5071: Home of Heroes: Troubled Times

After the horrors of the First World War, Feldwebel Kurt Woden and Unteroffizer Johann Aachen returned from the front line to a battered and impoverished Germany. But not everyone was happy to put the fighting behind them, and not every German was at a loss from the war effort. Soon the rumblings of war reared its ugly head again as Kurt and Johann ran into a familiar face – one they remembered from the other side of the trenches...

Another classic tale from George Low featuring a dynamic pairing of bickering friends, ‘Troubled Times’ is full of battle and high speed chases, with artwork by Jaume Forns breaking through the panels, adding to the excitement of this stellar issue.

|Story | George Low | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Janek Matysiak|

5072: Gold Collection: Redcap

M.P. Sergeant Pete Simpson never expected to lead a group of Allied criminals and deserters, but when their transport plane is downed in the Italian mountains, Pete has no choice but to trust his prisoners. However, things quickly take a turn when the rag-tag crew find a Nazi power station and their fight for survival turns to one for honour!

Complimenting Skentleberry’s vagabond team is carefully shaded artwork by Zata, really making the different uniforms and expressions stand out.

|Story | Skentleberry | Art | Zata | Cover | Penalva |
Originally Commando No. 427 (September 1969)

5073: Action and Adventure: Higher! Higher! Higher!

Commando reaches new heights as German reconnaissance flights take old Junkers Ju 86Ps into the stratosphere, but fear not, Tommy has his own plane ready to give chase. Battling at forty-thousand feet, these steel angels have more than bullets or dizzying heights to worry about as less oxygen can be absorbed by the blood, leading to hallucinations, dizziness and even blackouts…  

Framing this is issue is a glorious aerial cover by Ian Kennedy, showing the depth and height of the aircraft showdown high above the African sands.

|Story | Steve Taylor | Art | Castro & Morhain| Cover | Ian Kennedy |

5074: Silver Collection: Jinx and Jonah!

For the entirety of the Second World War, battles were underway to protect and conquer the vital sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean. But the enemy was not always visible on such a battlefield, as hidden beneath the surface were Nazi wolf packs. One such U-Boat bore the distinctive insignia of a mermaid on a horseshoe – something wireless operator Andrew Collins would never forget…

K. P. MacKenzie’s nautical adventure is skilfully drawn by the illustrious Gordon C. Livingstone, while the sea loving Jeff Bevan provides the cover.

|Story | K. P. MacKenzie | Art | Gordon C. Livingstone | Cover | Jeff Bevan |
Originally Commando No. 2641 (February 1993)

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