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Friday, November 03, 2017

Titan's Three

Here's a preview of three of the comics being published by London-based Titan Comics in January 2018...

The Wonderful World of Tank Girl No.4
(W) Alan Martin (A/CA) Brett Parsons
The final in a series of four stand-alone stories! An old friend turns up, presenting Tank Girl with a problem that can only be solved by taking a dive, deep into the rabbit-hole of her own subconscious! Prepare to freak out, man!
In Shops: Jan 31, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Dan Dare No.4
(W) Peter Milligan (A) Alberto Fouche (CA) Chris Weston
The classic British hero returns for brand-new adventures, written by Peter Milligan with art by Alberto Fouche! Featuring cover by superstar artist Christian Ward (ODY-C, Black Bolt)! For the first time in human history,the Sol system is at peace and Dan Dare, pilot of the future, is bored out of his mind - and praying for something to break the monotony of peace. When an unknown alien vessel of biblical proportions arrives in the solar system and obliterates a moon of Saturn in a show of strength, Dare finds himself thrust back into a new adventure that threatens not just Earth - but all life in the entire universe!
In Shops: Jan 03, 2018
SRP: $3.99

Fighting American No.4
(W) Gordon Rennie (A) Duke Mighten (CA) Jack Kirby / Joe Simon
Direct continuation of Simon and Kirby's classic series! Fighting American returns! Written by Gordon Rennie with artwork by Duke Mighten! When the 1950s heroes find themselves trapped in the modern world, how will they handle what society has become, and what dangers will they face? With modern-day villains to contend with, enemies from their past pursuing them, and a whole new world to come to terms with, what daring adventures could Fighting American and Speed-Boy find themselves in now?
In Shops: Jan 10, 2018

SRP: $3.99

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