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Monday, November 13, 2017

SPACE ACE Volume 9 is here!

A new issue of Ron Turner's Space Ace was published recently, and it's another top value edition. The 40 page comic reprints three Space Ace stories from the 1950s, newly coloured by John Ridgway. 

In truth though, it's more than three stories in a way, because editor John Lawrence has combined three strips into one, to create a 16 page lead story. I'm in two minds about this, as I believe that if classic strips are reprinted they should appear as close to their original form as possible. However, John Lawrence gives good reasons for editing three stories into one, and the finished result moves along at a good pace and proves to be an exciting story. 

Once again, John Ridgway's colourisation is excellent, and I was pleased that he seems to have retained more of Turner's original inking than in some previous issues. Again, I would prefer the strips to be reprinted in their original black and white, as intended, but John's colouring is well accomplished. 

There's a great, informative bonus feature on the history of the Space Ace strip which was very welcome, as there hasn't been a great deal written about 1950s British strips outside of Eagle and The Beano. There's also a two page letters section, which is always good to see in a comic.

Ron Turner’s Space Ace Issue 9 costs is £8.95 UK, £12.50 for Europe and £14.50 for international orders. Copies may be obtained via PayPal (please use friends and family option) at: spaceace.54@virginmedia.comOtherwise cheques (UK funds only) payable to: John Lawrence, to 39 Carterweys, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 4RB 

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