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Friday, November 24, 2017

Are you ready for DWAYNE HICKENBOTTOM?

You may already be familiar with the work of Grant Perkins, from his Strax strip that ran in Doctor Who Adventures, and now he's unleashed his own comic, Dwayne Hickenbottom

As the intro in the comic tells us, "Dwayne Hickenbottom is is savior of Doxxville - but he wishes he wasn't. He wears the enchanted 'Warbots of Doxville' and fights against the forces of evil. Although he'd much rather just go home and have a cup of coffee."
The four issue mini-series is a well produced full colour comic that is a perfect showcase for Grant's distinctive style. There's a good design sense going on here and Grant's colouring is easy on the eye and compliments the art rather than swamping it (which isn't always the case in modern comics).
As yet, you won't find the comic in shops, but you can buy them by post if you contact Grant directly via his Facebook page:

Alternatively, you can visit his table at various comic cons around the country. In fact, he'll be one of the guests at Reading Comic-Con this weekend (25th - 26th November). I'll be there too! See you there. 

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