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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Commando comics out today

Here's the info for the four new issues of Commando that are in the shops today.

5075: Home of Heroes: Reclaim the Phantom

Racing through the Caribbean waters of the Lesser Antilles, Captain John Valetine was ordered to warn a British flotilla set to ambush French corvettes that they had underestimated the number of enemy vessels awaiting them. If Valentine’s 74 gunner, ‘The Phantom’, doesn’t reach the British in time then Napoleon’s forces will destroy the flotilla. But the French are the least of Valentine’s concerns as a familiar face from his past spreads poisonous words among the crew – could there be talk of mutiny?

Vincente Alcazar’s stunning artwork and attention to period detail bring Dominic Teague’s Peninsular War adventure to life, the thin line strokes of the ship’s rigging and scale of these stunning, yet mammoth vessels is a real joy to see.

|Story | Dominic Teague | Art | Vicente Alcazar | Cover | Janek Matysiak | 

5076: Gold Collection: Fly Fast – Hit Hard

After witnessing Flying Officer Nick Nichols shoot down one of his own men over the Libyan desert, veteran pilot Eric Wallace had him marked – but he was never able to confront Nichols on his devilish deed. After crash landing, Nick was taken to hospital then sent to England to lead a Mosquito squadron. Little did either of them know that their paths would cross once more… and that Nick would reveal his own truth regarding the murder of their fellow pilot…

With striking interior art by Amador bringing McOwan’s aerial adventure to life, Sanfeliz’s dazzling cover sets the precedence for this action heavy issue, showing a desert Hurricane pulling up post dive, leaving nothing but carnage in its wake.

|Story | McOwan | Art | Amador | Cover | Sanfeliz |
Originally Commando No. 408 (June 1969) Reprinted No. 1171 (November 1977)

5077: Action and Adventure: Long Way from Home

When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia on the 28th of July, 1914, it was only a matter of time before the rest of Europe was dragged into the Great War. But Dominik Zatopek didn’t care. He may have lived in Prague, but growing up poor he had turned to petty crime and considered himself an anarchist with no ties to any country. However, fate would have a hand to play, as Domink was thrown from side to side, never committing allegiance to any cause - that is, until he saw the passion of the Czech Legion and the notion of home suddenly because something tangible... maybe there could be a place for Domink after all?

An insight into the plight of the Czechs and Slovaks who fought in the First World War, Shane Filer’s ‘Long Way from Home’ is a tale of comradery that knows no national boundaries as men fight together for a common goal. Originally from Prague, Filer’s love for the city clearly shines through in Keith Page’s artwork – featuring the narrow streets and national landmarks we’ve come to associate with the city.

|Story | Shane Filer | Art | Keith Page | Cover | Keith Page | 

5078: Silver Collection: Viking Breed

Determined to go to sea and become a world renowned skipper, Norwegian Olaf Peterson was denied this wish after his father drowned at sea. But Olaf would never give up, even when his first boat, The Fulmar’s crew did everything in their power to make him suffer at sea – that is, until Germany invaded Norway. Then, torn from within, many Norwegians sailed to Britain to do their part for the Allies – Olaf, a stowaway was one of them – but there were some who found allegiance with the other side…

Illustrated by Australian cartoonist Peter Foster, Ian Clark’s roguish seadogs are charmingly rendered, while the harsh black and hazy lines of the sea and mist add suspense and violence to this nautical adventure.

|Story | Ian Clark | Art | Peter Foster | Cover | Jeff Bevan |
Originally Commando No. 2639 (February 1993)

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