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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Review: Captain Wylde No.1

Finding time to catch up with the indie comics I want to review is taking a while but I'm pleased to get around to giving a plug to Captain Wylde No.1, a new title from Kult Creations. It's been out for a few weeks now but I've only just read it, and it was great fun.

Created by John A. Short and Gabrielle Noble, Captain Wylde is a "clock-punk pirate" story, with 21 pages (plus covers) in full colour. Wylde sets out to find the cause of a supernatural symbol that has appeared on the palm of her hand, and soon finds herself in a fast moving adventure. 

I particularly liked the design of the "clockwork automation". It were all clockwork robots when I were a lad you know.

I think this is one of Kult Creations' best comics yet, and it made a nice change for it to be more family friendly than some of the company's other comics. I hope we see a second issue soon.

You can buy a copy of Captain Wylde (and John Short's other comics) from the Kult Creations website here: 

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