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Saturday, August 04, 2018

It's GOOF! day!

After the launch of issue zero last month, Goof! No.1 goes online today! The all-new digital humour comic published by Marc Jackson featuring a wide range of styles from a wide range of creators! - and with a 12 issue subscription for just £12 it's only £1 an issue! - and, unlike paper comics where subs begin with the current issue, a subscription to Goof! means you start with issue 0, so you won't miss anything!

Here's the info from Marc Jackson, along with snippets of just a few of the strips from Goof! No.1...

GOOF! issue one brings back all the new comic strips you discovered in issue zero (Nona the ninth, Two Wizards, Donald Dogsbody, Olivia and Puff and Derek the Troll) plus some new additions. Cartoonist Nick Brokenshire who has worked for Dark Horse and most recently for IDW on Star Wars adventures brings us ‘Space Stupids’ an outer-space adventure about bounty hunters rounding up ‘stupids’ It’s a hark back to classic 2000AD style strips like Robo-hunters, so expect sci-fi thrills, with a crazy twist. It will be two-pages per month and the story will unfold over the coming months, so this is a great time to subscribe. On being involved with GOOF! Nick said ‘There is no way on earth that I could not get involved in a comic titled "GOOF!" I relish the opportunity to entertain readers with my ridiculous SPACE STUPIDS alongside all the other wonderful creators. Fun and whimsy can take on many different forms and you'll find them all in GOOF!’

In addition to that, the main website will also feature a letters page (send yours to and a ‘GOOF! of the month’ section, where we profile our creators and ask them about making their comics. It’s a great opportunity to connect the creators with the readers, something that GOOF! is all about. This month we have a double-whammy of Jim Boswell (creator of Stick-Pig) and Observer comics prize winner Tor Freeman (Spells in the forest) for you to discover with many more to come!

Go for GOOF!

1 comment:

Kal said...

Good issue. Derek is the highlight, of course.

My brain does have a hard time with the Goof character though. Can't help but see its nose as its mouth and its mouth as either weird looking boobs or little stumpy arms.

Also, Flot and Zot remind me of Denis Gifford's style so damn much.

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