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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kirby cover for the latest MWOM!

This month's issue of The Mighty World of Marvel (out tomorrow) has something you rarely see on a British comic these days; a cover by Jack Kirby! It previously appeared as the variant cover for Silver Surfer No.14 last year in America, but was originally published as an interior page to Fantastic Four No.72, way back in 1968! 

The artwork has been recoloured using modern methods, and is arguably too flashy now, but even Photoshop colouring can't subdue the power of Jack Kirby's work. Good to see a piece of 1960s art on the cover of a modern day High Street comic!

Inside, most of the contents are more contemporary, with the final episode of Dan Slott and Mike Allred's excellent run on the Silver Surfer. Bring tissues! It'll make grown men cry. 

There's also recent strips featuring The Champions and The Guardians of the Galaxy, plus a 1960s Doctor Strange classic by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko!

The Mighty World of Marvel No.6, 76 pages, £4.50. On sale 23rd August.

Speaking of the late Steve Ditko, the current issue of The Astonishing Spider-Man is a tribute to him, and includes reprints of the very first Spider-Man story from Amazing Fantasy No.15 and a classic from Amazing Spider-Man No.33, both by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, plus a two page biography of Ditko written by Mike Conroy. There are also newer, non-Ditko Spidey strips, continuing the modern adventures. 

Astonishing Spider-Man No.8, 76 pages, £4.50. Out now.


Chris said...

Someone on the Panini Facebook page has already got the latest MWOM and showed that next ish has a Steve Ditko Doctor Strange cover, as that's going to be a tribute issue too .

Lew Stringer said...

Looks great! I hope they reprint the whole series of Ditko's Dr,Strange. I doubt they will, and I have them all myself anyway, but it'd be good for those who haven't seen them. They get better as the series progresses.

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