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Thursday, August 23, 2018

The all-new ROY OF THE ROVERS kicks off in November

Rebellion have released the cover of the first book in the new series of Roy of the Rovers graphic novels. The 56 page hardback reboots (pardon the pun) the classic character for a new generation of readers. 

Kick Off is the title of Book 1 (of 3 in the season) and is priced just £9.99. It's written by Rob Williams and drawn by Ben Willsher, two well known names from contemporary British comics. 

It's to be published on Thursday 1st November and you can pre-order it here:

Here's the info from the website:


Times are tough for Melchester Rovers. Languishing at the bottom of League Two, the once-proud powerhouse of British football is out of money and out of luck. 

Sixteen year old Roy Race always dreamt of playing up front for Rovers. Oozing with natural talent and possessing a powerful left foot, Roy may just be the answer to all of Melchester’s prayers. 

Can Roy break into the Rovers first team and bring back the glory days of old? Or will the pressure of problems on and off the pitch prove too much for the young prospect? 

The epic footballing saga begins here!

DIMENSIONS: 25.9 X 18.7 CM

A month before the graphic novel series begins, Rebellion are publishing the first in a series of illustrated paperback prose novels about the character. Book 1, titled Scouted, is written by Tom Palmer with illustrations by Lisa Henke. Here's the info:

Roy Race is a totally normal 16 year old. He just happens to be the best striker in Melchester, too...

Roy always dreamed of becoming a professional footballer and playing for Melchester Rovers, the team he’s supported his entire life, but he never thought he had a chance - until now.

Rovers are on the lookout for new players, but is Roy good enough to catch the scout’s eye? He’ll have to be fitter, stronger and more determined than ever - but if he’s going to become Roy of the Rovers, now’s the time.

You can buy that from the Roy of the Rovers website too:

Better still, buy both books at a discount:

I've never been a fan of football but I'm pleased to see the iconic Roy of the Rovers revived and updated for today's kids! Let's hope it does well!

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