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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

John Armstrong

News has been announced this evening by Rebellion Publishing that the artist John Armstrong has passed away. 

Known mainly for his work illustrating the long-running Bella serial for Tammy in the 1970s and early '80s, John had also worked on Girls' Crystal in the early 1960s where he drew a serial called Cherry and the Children

Another memorable strip was the supernatural thriller Moonchild, which John illustrated for Misty in 1978. He later drew a Grange Hill strip for Beeb magazine. 
John Armstrong's delicate brush strokes, combined with a realistic style for expressions and figure work, made him a perfect artist for girls' comics, where characterisation was paramount for readers to relate to the stories. 

Only a few months ago, Rebellion released Bella at the Bar Volume 1, collecting the earliest Bella strips that John had illustrated. The book was warmly welcomed by fans of the character and, hopefully, by a new generation of readers.  

My condolences to Mr.Armstrong's family and friends for their loss. 

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