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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bellamy classics back in the Mirror

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Like the comic strip hero himself, the reprints of Garth in the Daily Mirror have been moving back and forth through time. After a run of Frank Bellamy stories, the newspaper then skipped forward to reprint a 1977 Martin Asbury drawn tale Ship of Secrets, which concluded yesterday. 

Starting today, the paper delves back to 1972 for another Frank Bellamy story, The Women of Galba. This story has been reprinted at least a couple of times before, in the 1975 Daily Mirror Book of Garth (with nudity censored) and in a book published by Titan in 1985. By my estimation, running two original strips a day, the story should run for about seven weeks. The strip has been coloured for a new readership by Martin Baines.

For more information on the great Frank Bellamy visit this excellent blog:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mentioning the new story and also about the kind comments of my colouring in Spaceship Away. The colouring for this episode looks a bit dark but you can see what it looked like after it left my computer on Norman's Frank Bellamy blog. I really love to Frank's Garth properly reprinted in book form. He was a real genius!

Best Wishes
Martin Baines

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