Sunday, July 01, 2012

Tom Thug in pencil stage

The sale of some of my original artwork on eBay went well last weekend so I've put a few more pages up for auction this week if any of you are interested. You'll find them by clicking this link.

This time it's something more unusual, - three of my pages from Buster in the initial pencil stage, uninked, uncoloured, so you can see the basic construction of the strips.

These pages date from the late 1980s/early 1990s when I used to use a lightbox to ink the finished artwork on separate sheets of paper/board by tracing over these pencils.

The three pages are up for auction as one lot, containing two Tom Thug strips plus a Vampire Brats page. Bidding ends next Sunday, July 8th.



Rabsmith said...

You are a very good penciler Lew, going by these examples.

I cartoon a bit myself and the pencil stage is almost the most enjoyable---really creative and inventive. I love how you can often belt out such effective drawings in only a few seconds at the pencil stage.

The inking stage always 'loses' a lot I always find.

The inking always takes so much longer, and I've never had a lightbox but sometimes one would come in handy I must admit. [I find myself tracing odd bits up against a glass door even today--very clumsy and uncomfortable.

I appreciated seeing your pencil roughs.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Rab.

NP said...

Nice to see you legitimately selling your property- hope it goes to a good home!

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