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Friday, July 13, 2012

Nowt so funny as folk

A few weeks ago I put some of my old Buster and Viz pages up for auction on eBay. Lots of artists do this. I've got 30 years worth of pages, they're taking up a lot of space, so I thought I'd sell a few online.  They found good homes, and my thanks to those of you who bid and bought them. I'll be selling a few more soon.

As you can see here, I joked "Zip over to my eBay page, check out what's on offer and help pay my mortgage".

Now I see that someone online actually took that seriously and amongst other nonsense about me is claiming "he regularly has to sell pages of his old art so he can pay his mortgage".

It's hard to believe that an enthusiast of comics could be so humourless, but there you go. (And if anyone thinks I'm being harsh over a misunderstanding he also said I was a "smug, obnoxious prat" and "out of touch with reality", so I won't be feeling any guilt over calling him humourless.)

Anyway, all next week I'll be outside Tescos selling chalk drawings of Combat Colin so I can buy a private yacht. You might need a fork lift to carry the slabs home though. 

UPDATE 14/7/2012: I'd hoped I'd be allowed a right of reply without any further repercussions. Sadly not. On the blog where the quotes came from the webmaster has chosen to portray himself as the victim, seemingly thinking he's justified in posting more insults about me. Such as this:

"Perhaps he should stick to drawing his second-rate strips for an ever dwindling audience. For someone whose career has depended on more skilled cartoonists being too busy to draw everything, he should perhaps be a little more humble and less uptight. Let's hope he discovers women soon - perhaps then he'll relax a bit." 

Now he's gotten that off his chest let's hope this is the end of it. 


anonybobs said...

for some reason I knew exactly where to find the blog in question. I personally enjoy a lot of blogs, including one from a certain person whose work I appreciated, but mainly as part of the storytelling of a story beginning with Z. Unfortunately, there always seems to be an element of, as the person in question would perhaps appreciate, threatening a 'square go' towards other bloggers when opinions or comments don't go his way.
In short, he's getting a bit boring now. Some of it is valid - the market is certainly not as strong as it used to be, but is that a reason to constantly criticise the people lucky enough to still be employed in the industry? It's not all rose tinted, and don't for one minute think you're blog tries to suggest otherwise, but I don't think it's all doom and gloom as some people would suggest, just cos they're not in the industry anymore, but it's not just comics. I work for for a major utility company and people I worked with for years are now unemployed as the technology they used is now redundant, invalid ot not cost effective. It doesn't mean the industry I work in is on it's last legs, it's just changed. However, of my former colleagues that I still hear of, they've moved on, realised it's not an analogue world anynore and adapted. Plus, I still have a job when others have lost theirs but still feel the need to stick one or two things on eBay when I want a few quid for a DVD, drinking session or whatever - it doesn't mean I NEED to sell those items, but a few extra beans in the pocket are always handy.
It's maybe not a perfect analogy, but I think it works.
Away from that, please keep updating the blog and try to ignore the numpties!

anonybobs said...

Ignore him. I love Zenith but Tom Frame would have done a better job

Lew Stringer said...

I see he's responded on his blog, saying that he didn't write the comments, just quoted them from someone else. (I never claimed otherwise.) He went along with his correspondent's opnion though, and added further insults of his own, so I hoped he might accept some responsibility for what he posts on his blog. Instead, he's retorted with a childish "you started it" type of playground denial. Typical.

DB said...

The reason for that is there are other factors at play here. By his own admission he's not reading your blog but is going by what others are selectively telling him.

Someone is winding him up then sitting back and watching the fun. That is, fun for those anonymously goading him.

Lew Stringer said...

Perhaps, although if someone told me I was being talked about on a blog I'd check it out for myself to see the comments in context.

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