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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Log on to the Internewt

This week in The Dandy, the third episode of my new series The Dark Newt sees our hero discover how to use the Internewt, and later he encounters his first villain... The Tiddler! Don't miss The Dandy No.3592, on sale Wednesday 1st August.


Anonymous said...

I loved the little guide to "how the Internewt works" at the end of that issue's strip.

Thank god for Too Busy Thinking About My Comics doing a Dandy post or I wouldn't have picked it up weeks ago to see if he was right about, getting hooked, and sticking with it. The revamped Dandy is brilliant, consistently funny and cleverer than I expected. (But I'm a little worried at this "final battle" claim about this week's Nuke Noodle - no more Nuke?!)

- Charles RB

Lew Stringer said...

Agreed. Even if I wasn't freelancing for it I'd still think The Dandy was the best UK comic on the stands. It's lively, the styles are diverse, and most importantly it's funny!

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