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Thursday, July 05, 2012


The Pathetic Sharks make their return to Viz today with a new full page, 19-panel strip in the latest issue. Here's a preview of my work above. 

Also in this 52 page issue are The Fat Slags enjoying the hot summer (remember summer?), Jack Black and the Case of the Lord Mayor's Chain, Led Zeppelin and the Land that Time Forgot, Tinribs, Biffa Bacon, and much more. 

Viz No.217. £3.20 from your local papershop or out of town supermarket. You'll find it on the top shelf. If you can't reach it, ask a kid to climb up and get it for you. 


Blog posts are likely to be infrequent and/or brief for a while as I have a lot of work on over the next couple of weeks. Finishing off my new six-part series for The Dandy (more news on that soon), four pages for the next Toxic, and a page for the next issue of Viz. It's all go! Hope it stays that way.

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