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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TOXIC No.206

 Here's a quick preview of the latest issue of Toxic, on sale now from newsagents, supermarkets, etc. On the right is a small low-resolution, version of the first page of my Team Toxic story, Movie Madness. For the full size, lettered, non-watermarked version you'll have to buy the comic. What a tease eh? 

So what else is in the current issue? Apart from Team Toxic there are five other all-new strips; Busted Bieber, Mad City's Star Signings, Luke's Spooks, Alien in my Belly Button, and Captain Gross! There's also two pages of great cartoon illustrations by Laura Howell for The Joker's Holiday Pranks feature. All in all, these days Toxic has seen an increase in its originated cartoon content, which is great.

The rest of the mag is packed with features on Ice Age 4, Amazing Spider-Man, games, puzzles, jokes and more including pull outs of a Spider-Man poster and a Lego Ninjago Snakes and Ladders game. 

Like most kids' mags these days, this issue of Toxic comes polybagged with several gifts including a gun that flips plastic spiders across the room. Who could resist that?

With 40 full colour pages for £2.80, Toxic No.206 is on sale now. 

1 comment:

Phil Rushton said...

Wow! - a spider-matic!!!

Now *that* brings back memories! :-)

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