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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In UK newsagents this week...

There's another bunch of British comics arriving in newsagents this week for all ages. I'm just listing the titles off my head here but there may be even more. 

From Rebellion there's 2000AD Prog 1963, on sale Wednesday 13th January.

From D.C. Thomson there's The Beano No.3817 on sale Wednesday, plus four issues of Commando on sale Thursday. (For more info on the Commando issues, see my previous post here.)
Panini UK have The Mighty World of Marvel No.21, Essential X-Men No.20, and Astonishing Spider-Man No.27, all out on Thursday.

Titan Comics have Tales from the Tardis: Doctor Who No.2 and Batman No.47 on sale Thursday.

The weekend brings us The Phoenix No.211, available from WH Smith, and selected Waterstones and Waitrose branches.

As I said, I may have missed some. (A new issue of D.C. Thomson's  Epic! must be due any time now for example, and I haven't listed any of the titles for very young readers that may carry comic strips.) Anyway, there's enough evidence here that British comics still have a presence in newsagents, - and next week there'll be a few more. Plus of course the direct-sale comics and independent comics only available in comic speciality shops, at conventions or by subscription, and any new graphic novels that may arrive in bookshops. Support UK comics; you'll miss 'em when they're gone!  

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James Spiring said...

Epic! must be next week - this week's Beano is advertising the same issue last week's did.

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