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Sunday, January 03, 2016

A Happy Moose Year for Moose Kid Comics

The New Year got off to a good start with the news that Jamie Smart's Moose Kid Comics not only reached its crowdfunding target but more than doubled it! National newspaper The Guardian reported the story here:

The campaign at Just Giving aimed to reach a target of £2000 but ended at over £5,350 thanks to numerous supporters pledging their money towards this good cause. Issues of a special Christmas edition will now be produced, printed and distributed to 50 childrens wards in hospitals across the UK for next Christmas. 

The brainchild of cartoonist Jamie Smart, Moose Kid Comics features many of the top talents of the UK humour comics scene including Laura Howell, Roger Langridge, Tom Paterson, Chris Garbutt, Gary Northfield and more. The comic is currently only available in digital form which you can read here:

However, Jamie was kind enough to recently send me one of the few print copies of No.2 and it looks truly fantastic! it's the size of the old tabloid comics (eg: Funny Wonder, TV21) and is packed with colourful fun strips for children. 

Perhaps one day a print edition will be available to buy in shops? For now though it's heartwarming to know that the comic will be given to children at a time when they're poorly, away from home, and in need of cheering up. Well done to Jamie and the other creators, and to those of us who backed the project! 

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